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Registration ends August 6th.  

 Junk in the Trunk  

Fill your trunk with crafts, collectibles and curiosities to sell in downtown for the return of Junk in the Trunk!

WHO CAN SELL AT JUNK IN THE TRUNK? Downtown businesses, Rochester area residents and those that sell hand-made crafts are welcome to sign up for Junk in the Trunk.

WHAT CAN I SELL? Almost anything! Popular items for resale are furniture, antiques, collectibles, dishes and glassware, accessories, and hand-made crafts. Please note, from past Junk in the Trunk events, items such as clothing, stuffed animals, bedding etc, do not sell well. When choosing your items think antique and vintage, not old and used.

LOCATION: E. Third in the parking lot above the Downtown Rochester Farmers’ Market lot. By having Junk in the Trunk in this location. we hope to draw attendees from one event to the other.

SPACE DETAILS: A single parking space measures at approximately 8ft x 14ft. Spaces will be sold at $35 each, or two spaces for $50. Vendors have the option to sell directly out of their “trunk” or utilize the whole parking space for display. If the latter choice is picked, it is the vendor’s responsibility to find a public parking space outside of the Junk in the Trunk parking lot. NO additional reserved parking spaces will be provided by the DDA beyond the Junk in the Trunk lot.

WHAT IS PROVIDED: The DDA will provide all vendors with their reserved parking spaces and port-a-potties. Any tents, tables, chairs...etc must be provided by the vendor. Please keep in mind the size of your space when planning your set-up.