Committees include members of the DDA Board, business owners, property owners and residents.  These volunteers are the backbone of the DDA and provide the hard work and support that continues to keep our program at the forefront of downtown development.  Each committee has a Work Plan that is approved annually by the DDA Board and is used as the guide for the committee’s direction. Tasks are assigned to individuals and to the committee as a whole to encourage ownership of the program.

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Business Development Committee Members:

  • Nik Banda
  • Bob Bloomingdale
  • Brad Mitzelfeld
  • Patrick Mulrenin
  • Tiffany Piggee-Taylor
  • Kim Russell
  • Stan Surratt
  • Cathy Szydlowski
  • Kristi Trevarrow
  • Tom Wiggins

Organization Committee Members:

  • Mark Albrecht, Chairman
  • Tiffany Dziurman-Stozicki
  • Paul Haig
  • Hillary Heacock
  • Marilyn Trent
  • Kristi Trevarrow
  • Nancy Voges

Promotions Committee Members:

  • Linda Lucaj, Chairman
  • Robert Elnicky
  • Linda Gallaher
  • Hillary Heacock
  • Sheri Heiney
  • Stephanie Hellebuyck
  • Sue Keels
  • Christina Licari
  • Amber Luciano
  • Alan Smith, PSD Board Liaison
  • Marion Tobkin
  • Kristi Trevarrow
  • Tami Salisbury
  • Nancy Voges
  • Janice Rex Weaver
  • Sara Whedon

Site Development Committee Members:

  • Nik Banda
  • Vito Pampalona, Chairman
  • Laurie Puscas
  • Kristi Trevarrow
  • Jeff Whitbey